Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oppose Missouri floodplain coal ash facility

The following is my note via a Sierra Club page to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

As a friend of Missouri's natural environment, I am writing on behalf of LEO [] which is seeking to prevent the building of a huge landfill for coal ash in the nearby Missouri River floodplain.
Ameren UE ought to be required to reverse this decision. As to what to do with such a collection of hazardous waste, citizens of every state ought to have a ready procedure for submitting objections, especially when the risk is to a major population's drinking water. St. Louis metro area is downriver from this site.
I note that at this web page [] fifty percent of the returned information from utility companies showed coal ash storage facilities that are less than 26 feet in height. Does the fact that Ameren UE's proposal is for a 100 foot high container (with 400 acres of area) suggest their own fear of environmental catastrophe, considering the site? Or is it a reflection of the total amount of coal ash they have or will have to discard? In any event, please rule this facility out by agreeing with local citizenry that it is too great a risk for such a susceptible environment, and the disposal problem ought to be submitted to the environmental science community for a far less objectionable solution.
This note will be copied by me to Missouri State officials and local friends.