Thursday, April 29, 2010

Opinion Sharing with my U.S. Senators on Climate Bill

Dear Senator (Bond & McCaskill):

Information from news sources suggests that a clean energy and climate bill is ahead of immigration on the Senate agenda.

My suggestion is that the bill for our future environment be passed with stringent controls on air pollution that are enforceable. Hopefully this Administration and the Congress of the United States will continue to favor sustainable and passive energy sources rather than fossil fuels. Even biofuels will not be as welcome to the citizens as wind and solar are. Carbon based fuels will continue to be a threat to the atmosphere and climate change, while passive energy ultimately decreases that difficulty. This is my impression from many informed sources as well as friendly opinion. Missouri in fact could be gradually served by a combination of solar and wind sources as fossil fuels are phased out.

Let me remind you that the small town of Rockport, Missouri has been fully powered by wind for the past year or two, as an NPR story features.

That small town is also thriving on the income generated by this plan. In Europe such systems as plugging home based solar panels into the electrical grid have enabled individuals to receive small dividends while participating in local energy production. Many of the local difficulties with providing passive energy could be solved by intersecting existing utilities with local production of passive source energy. Control at the local level could therefore enhance local environment and economy. You are probably aware that the Reverend Larry Rice works with poverty level individuals to provide wind turbines that are small enough for a roof or a garden.

We have an exciting future ahead of us if we work together to insure that the future climate change is an addressable problem. Planting trees and protecting forests internationally will be an ongoing step along with reducing the use of carbon based fuels. We can work with Mother Nature rather than trying to fool her as usual.

Bless you for your service to the citizens of Missouri.