Friday, March 16, 2012

ghosts of winters past

In these Dickensian times when our economy seems so out of whack with job stats still under average, how do we cope with the climate trends?

Ghosts of Winters Past

Ever the outlier of stat analysis
one more winter regresses into spring.
No one will notice this one either, the planet mourns,
over the constellation of some perhaps sunspot enmity
against this single digit nonsense that used to be.

That used to be. That used to free up some worthy small spaces
where organisms trended into dying off somewhat now & again.
Who will notice when micro life is expanded while the mammals die?
How many insistent migrations will matter in terms of the whole?
Won't it just go to show you that the few seconds that
humans have lived here
are ever trending into their own loss
of selves ?
Of shelves where products reign?
And who mourns them who live with death
born in some spaces of not enough
where not enough is always in place.
More humans than ever weight the planet
ever more off balance.