Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, fb friends, i have been looking over some posts on my fb page & wondering how & why it has happened that the HR1540 was supposedly signed by President Barack Obama into "Law," with a supposed signing statement attached to it.

According to govtrac, it has not yet been checked off.

On the White comment that was issued by The President, the signature is blank, lol.

Just because he issued the above statement about it does not mean that it has actually been officially signed by him, with all his gift pens handed out and so forth. Afterall, by that day & time most of Congress was home for New Years, wasn't it <"_?

Bloomberg, e.g., "Wallstreet," asserts it was signed in an article dated 12/31/11 but posted on 1/2/12. What, the White House doesn't quit for a week or until Congress is back in session <"_?

The timing was just so well planned to get all the consternation on earth over it out in the open-- the story is mind boggling to bloggers and thinkers-- but it could not be put off at all because of threat of government shut-down, which could be a huge issue to the Administration, among others.

I watched the Weekly Address, & he did not even mention this major piece of legislation as having been signed, although it seems like everyone on the left is up in arms over it. His ears do look a little red. Maybe that is just the usual for a President who is living in the White House at such a time.

STILL, I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I NEED PROOF!!!  Where are the photos of the signing, the video, the pens he handed out to the victorious members of Congress <"_? 

I'm from MISSOURI!!!!! SHOW ME!