Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letter to Governor Nixon on sustainable energy over nukes

From the St. Louis Beacon by Dale Singer:

He also talked about the jobs that he said would come from the program announced last year that could ease the way for construction of a second nuclear power plant in Callaway County. Discussing the many construction trades that would benefit from the plant, Nixon said:
Gov. Jay Nixon delivers the State of the State speech flanked by Speaker of the House Steve Tilley (left) and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.
 "They built Callaway One. And in the not-too-distant future, they will build Callaway Two."

My response to the Governor via his page at:

Dear Governor Jay Nixon:

Sorry, sir, but I cannot agree with you at all on the subject of building another nuclear power plant in Missouri, in Calloway or any other county!

Since I am very aware that your announcement of this as a plausible plan was following your receipt of campaign funds from union organizations you can have no objectivity about this, and your ethics are questionable. You are batting zero with me until you open energy provision and jobs to a wider based discussion that includes environmentalists. Nuclear is so out-dated a concept that it is beyond belief you would stun it up in front of the voters.

In point of fact a combination of wind and solar power would readily meet the entire needs of this State, and would likely take less time to begin. You even have friends in the field, including Byron De Lear.  Why not encourage Ameren Missouri and/or other utilities to consult Boeing about building wind turbines? Do some research!

Your real plan, from recent reports, seems to be to go around any conceivable barrier, including the legislation passed which stops utilities from charging its customers for power development of this sort. No free pass in the form of permits should be given them whatsoever.

Get with the reality of your constituency. You will not find people working to re-elect you from the left end of politics in Missouri with this attitude showing out the side of your mouth.


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