Sunday, December 18, 2011

nightmare on another level of awareness

So here in the middle of the muddle of a maplewoodian noosphere I am waking up with an amoebic dysentery of the brainblog over all this mixed up nutcasting of everything on earth. There those crazy flagellating organisms are floundering around in my cerebral interior and leaking out of my every skull based orifice without any actualization in the realm of logic or any auditory consent form. How the fiction of a complicated diction did any of this stupifyingly weirdo constellation of an earthborne disorder of the mythological mystery of Life & Times turn out to rhyme with a riot act of distinctly moralizing nonsense such as all the worst talk show crazy loony tunes on the face book of the continent play with in their own nightmares <”_?

Well, it must just be money squawking.

Jobs are god, no matter what devil they happen to actually serve.

Thanks so much, Senators, for forcing the cards out on the table over the Keystonian cop out over our outrageous gobbledygook of an appetite for horrendous oil disturbances all over the surface world.

It is really the most simon & garfunkle hormone of an excellent comedy central guffaw of a laugh track the whole earth club has ever clobbered out over us all.

Meanwhile some really serious downtown news of an urgent sort has floundered its way out into the science blogosphere here:

As for job creation, well, gee willigers, could someone please get Van Jones on the phone <"_?
OMG, i love that man!

Monday, December 12, 2011

stepping up to "the plate" <"_?

how could this be true <"_?

. . . if the following is also true <"_?

If any of my readers have further facts about this connection that are well documented I would like to connect the dots. Meanwhile, note that in the eyes of science the efficacy of GMO and its partner component Roundup herbicide are not cleared for the future of the planet in the eyes of all researchers.